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Forged Fittings


Jinmo Pipeline Socket Weld & Threaded (NPT)

A pipe fitting is defined as a part used in a piping system,for change in direction,change in pipe diameter or branching.There are many different types of fittings and they are the same in all sizes and such as the pipes.Forged fittings are normally made from round bar as it name only suggest that it is been forged.

Jinmo Pipeline  /Socket Weld Fittings

90 Degree  Socket Weld  Elbow

Socket Weld1.5D  Elbow

Socket Weld  1D Elbow

Socket Weld  3D Elbow

Socket Weld  5D Elbow

Socket Weld  45 Deg Elbow

Socket Weld  45 Deg  Lateral Tee

Socket Weld  5D Elbow

Socket Weld  90 Degree Elbow Outlet

Socket Weld  Adapters

Socket Weld   Boss

Socket Weld  Branch  Outlet

Socket Weld  Concentric  Reducer

Socket Weld  Cross

Socket Weld  Eccentric Reducer

Socket Weld  Equal Tee

Socket Weld  Full  Coupling

Socket Weld  Half  Coupling

Socket Weld  Pipe Cap

Socket Weld  Pipe Nipples

Socket Weld   Reducers

Socket Weld  Tee

Socket Weld  Union

Socket Weld  Lateral Outlet


Threaded Pipe Nipple

Threaded Pipe Cap/End Cap

Threaded  Lateral Outlet

Threaded  Nipple Branch Outlet

Threaded  Hex Nipple

Threaded Hex Head Plug

Threaded Hex HeadBushing

Threaded  Half Coupling

Threaded  Full Coupling

Threaded Cross

Threaded Bull Plug

Threaded 90Degree ELbow Outlet

Threaded Boss

Threaded Branch Outlet

Threaded Pipe Nipple

Threaded Reducing Coupling

Threaded Swage Nipple

Threaded Tee

Threaded Unon

Union Male Female

Threaded 45 Deg  Lateral Tee

Threaded 90 Degree Elbow

Threaded 90 Degree Elbow Outlet

Specifications and Steel Grade

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