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New flange sealing method

For decades, ANSI Flanges designed by the National Institute of Standards have provided a proven seal technology for the oil and gas industry and have been very successful. However, as the needs of the oil and gas industry have changed, defects in ANSI flanges continue to emerge. Cost-benefit principles, environmental protection, and best health and safety assurance are the three major topics facing operators and contractors in the 21st century. As a result, people are beginning to consider new ways to seal their flanges.

The sealing principle of the ANSI flange is extremely simple: the two sealing faces of the bolt press against the flange gasket and form a seal. But this also led to the destruction of the seal. In order to maintain the seal, you have to maintain a huge bolt force. To do this, the bolt needs to be bigger. Larger bolts, on the other hand, must match larger nuts, which means that larger diameter bolts are required to create the conditions for tightening the nut. As everyone knows, the larger the diameter of the bolt, the applicable flange will become curved, the only way is to increase the flange part of the wall thickness. The entire installation will require extreme size and weight, which becomes a particular problem in offshore environments where weight has always been a major concern that one must draw attention to. And, fundamentally, the ANSI flange is an ineffective seal that requires 50% of the bolt load to be used to compress the gasket while leaving only 50% of the load to hold the pressure.

However, the main design disadvantage of ANSI flanges is that it can not guarantee zero leakage. This is its design deficiencies: the connection is dynamic, and periodic loads such as thermal expansion and undulation, can cause movement between the flange faces, affecting the function of the flange, thereby compromising the integrity of the flange and eventually leading to leakage.

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