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Small diameter seamless steel pipe

According to the word class can be said that the outer diameter of small steel pipe, can be called small-diameter steel pipe, small-diameter steel pipe can be divided into: seamless small-diameter steel pipe and straight seam (also known as welding) small-caliber steel pipe, Of the outer diameter of 89 or less, can be collectively referred to as small-caliber pipe according to different production methods can be divided into hot-rolled pipe, cold-rolled pipe, cold drawn pipe, extruded pipe, etc., generally in the automatic rolling seamless pipe rolling unit produce. Solid tube after inspection and removal of surface defects cut into the required length of the tube perforation end face centering and then sent to the furnace heating piercing in the piercing machine piercing while constantly rotating and advancing in the role of the roll and the head, The gradual formation of hollow tube called the capillary tube, and then sent to the automatic rolling machine to continue rolling Finally, the whole machine by the whole wall thickness, sizing sizing, to meet the specifications, the use of continuous rolling mill production of small caliber Steel pipe is a more advanced method, if you want to obtain smaller and better quality small-diameter steel pipe, you must use cold-rolled cold-drawn or a combination of the two methods of cold rolling is usually carried out in the two-roll mill, Section circular hole groove and the immobile cone-shaped head consisting of ring-shaped pass rolling, cold drawing usually single or double chain cold drawing machine extrusion method is about to heat a good tube on a closed squeeze Perforation of the cylinder rod with the extrusion rod moves together to squeeze the extrusion die from a smaller hole, this method can produce smaller diameter steel pipe
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